Torah Series: Leviticus

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the Bible with us.

This next episode covers the book of Leviticus.  Some people may feel that this is a tough book to navigate through, BUT you will find that the Bible Project has compiled great resources to help get us through it.

First up is the study video.  It is a short video that should be followed by the study guide.  It personally helped me put the book in perspective and I  really enjoyed watching it.


Now, with any book such as the book of Leviticus, it is important to dive in deep so that you don’t miss the details that make this book so great!


Click on the link and have your small group follow along with you via a printed copy or in their electronic devices.  Point them to our page and specifically to this post so that they too, can have these resources available.


The book of Leviticus contains a study poster. How awesome is that?  So for you bible scholars and nerds, click on the poster to access it!  Enjoy!


Stay tuned for more study resources from the Bible Project.  Make sure to visit their page and help spread this awesome study across the world!



Torah Series – Exodus 1-18

Oh boy! I really do hope you have been keeping up with the Torah Series found on the Bible Project’s website!  The study is getting super good.

Today, we will continue on our biblical journey to the book of Exodus and our attention will be on chapters 1-18.

Study Video

Click on the link to access the study video. .


Study Guide

Click on the link to access the study guide. 3-Exodus-Pt.-1-Study-Guide

Happy studying!


Torah Series: Genesis 12 – 50

Hello there!  Did you check out yesterday’s blog on Genesis 1 -11? If not, you are missing out on an awesome study video and an awesome study guide! Did you know the videos are super short and the study guides super awesome? You can do these on a lunch break or an evening after supper (that’s when I usually do mine with my family).

Okay, so let’s go on to the next one!

Study Video

This video will summarize Genesis 12 – 50.  Enjoy!


Study Guide

Okay, now that you’ve watched the video, download this study guide.

Genesis 12-50


I hope these videos and study guides are drawing you closer to who God REALLY is. Often times, we fall prey to other people’s idea of who God is but believe it or not, He wants to reveal Himself you in the most wonderful way; through His written Word.

Thank you for committing your time to God and to further understanding His great plan for you!

God bless you!

Torah Series (Genesis 1-11)

Welcome to Radiant Ministries’ Bible Reading Plan!

Hello there!

You are here because you are ready to take on more knowledge of God (Theology).  You are ready to dive into His Word and the promises that He has for you.

I’ve partnered with The Bible Project and also support them financially so that together, we can get the message of The Gospel to anyone and everyone that wants to know more about God’s message to them.

Study Video

So here’s video number one:  A summary of Genesis 1-11. It is extremely short and creative so enjoy it!

Study Guide

Once you have finished watching the video, click on the link to download a PDF version of the study guide that goes with each of the videos. Use these during your personal study time or for your small groups.  Enjoy!

Genesis 1-11




If you have been following my spiritual journey; you will recognize that I thrive on environments where the bible is preached in accurate ways.  Also, you will know that I too, have created bible videos where I cover books of the bible together.

God is so awesome in providing people with this similar type of burden or talent and one of those wonderful people belong to a non-profit called The Bible Project.  The Bible Project is where you will find general summaries of the book of the bible as well as themed-videos on particular and tricky themes of the bible.

The Bible Project not only includes amazing and interactive videos, but it also includes STUDY GUIDES!  Is that not just the best!

So I pray you click on the link and that you begin The Bible Project journey with people that you love.

God’s best!

Cecilia Silva



Prosper! Reproduce! Fill the earth!

Have you ever felt like you are at the stage of your Christian walk where the visions from God have started to flood your mind?

Listen! Those visions have been given to you for a reason. Do not make light of them!

As we continue with on with the Chronological Bible Study, we will focus today’s study on Genesis chapter 9.

You may or may not have been following along the other studies, but if you haven’t please click on the CHRONOLOGICAL BIBLE STUDY tab of this webpage so that you may watch chapters 1-8 in Genesis.  Our focal character for today’s study is Noah.  There’s something really special about Noah.  God really wants us to know that while other people have strayed and no longer believe as God as their provider; Noah never stopped believing. So much so, that wickedness filled the earth, yet Noah is not spoken of in such manner. As a matter of fact, Noah is the OPPOSITE of wickedness.  Noah loves the Lord. Noah walks with the Lord, and Noah obeys the Lord.

Because Noah has been faithful to God while others sin, God decides to flood the earth so that wickedness does not prevail.  He cares about Noah and his family in such a way that He removes all iniquity out of Noah’s world so that he and his family can partake in God’s original plan.

Now that the flood is over, Noah is charged to leave the boat and to make a new life after the flood.  Noah is charged with 3 things; to prosper, to reproduce, and to fill the earth.  Sheesh! Those are all ginormous tasks, right?

See, you are no different than Noah. You who love God, who obey God, and who remain faithful to God have been given the same charge.  PROSPER! REPRODUCE! FILL THE EARTH!  Say what?  Yeah. It’s true.  But doesn’t that sound a little “charismatic” or “pentecostal”?  Listen, you are here for a purpose, and that purpose is for you to do the will of God and to live out your calling, that includes the other previously stated charges.

Click on the hyperlink below and join me as I begin to unpack what I’ve just told you.  Get your Bible, open it up to Genesis chapter 9, and follow along!

Genesis 9