If you have been following my spiritual journey; you will recognize that I thrive on environments where the bible is preached in accurate ways.  Also, you will know that I too, have created bible videos where I cover books of the bible together.

God is so awesome in providing people with this similar type of burden or talent and one of those wonderful people belong to a non-profit called The Bible Project.  The Bible Project is where you will find general summaries of the book of the bible as well as themed-videos on particular and tricky themes of the bible.

The Bible Project not only includes amazing and interactive videos, but it also includes STUDY GUIDES!  Is that not just the best!

So I pray you click on the link and that you begin The Bible Project journey with people that you love.

God’s best!

Cecilia Silva



Author: Cecilia Silva

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of 19. Soon after, I got baptized and began ministry as a Preschool, and later a Children's Minister. My love for the Bible is what drives me. Today, I have the pleasure of blogging and recording audio and video sessions "through the Bible".

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