God’s Calling on You! Genesis 12 & 13

Let me tell you something: You were given those talents and were created with a PURPOSE!

What are some of the things that you do well?  Can you sing, read, write, create, or draw?  Are you great at math or science?

Let me tell you something: You were given those talents and were created with a PURPOSE!

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, that purpose is to reconcile the world to God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

In the beginning, we were created perfect and without sin, but as time progressed, we got further and further away from God’s perfect plan for us. But did you know that there’s a way back?

What does it take to have a relationship with Jesus Christ? How can you find God’s purpose for you?

You  must admit that you are not living God’s best plan for you.

You must admit that you fail to love God above all else and that you’ve failed at loving people that way God does. God is Creator and we were created to dwell in His presence and in the presence of His people, in a loving community. But somehow, someway, we have distorted that perfect plan and stopped loving the Creator who seeks to provide a great environment for us to dwell in.  On top of that, WE DO NOT LOVE THE WAY GOD LOVES.  We want to love conditionally, we want to love only those who love us. We are unwilling to leave our 4 walls and reach out to the sick, to the poor, and to the lost.  We are so busy leading full and busy lives that we fail to see need right in front of our eyes.

You must believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He came to us to save us from our eternal separation from God.  

Sin separates us from God. It separates us from one another. And since the beginning, we have done an awful job of being able to be loving toward our Creator and each other.  If it was up to us, then we would never be reconciled back to God, to partake in His goodness and plans. But because of how loving God is, He has made a way to Him – Jesus Christ.  It is through Christ that we can come and be a part of His plan once more.  And your faith in Him through confession is what grants you salvation.  And that alone. I praise God for that, I’m so grateful that He made a way for me!

You must confess that Jesus Christ is Lord

You must believe that Creator God is SO LOVING, SO GRACIOUS, SO MERCIFUL, AND FULL OF GRACE that outside of Him we would perish. We would not love one another. We would not love Creation and The Creator. We are so lost, we are full of greed, of lust, of anger, of despair, of sadness, and of hopelessness outside of God that we need His constant voice to keep us in the light and away from endangering others and ourselves.

But is there such a person that can love God and others the way God does? Of course there is!

The book of Genesis, chapter 13 introduces such a man of this type of faith. His name is Abraham. Abraham had such a close relationship with God that the bible says that once God called Abraham, and asked him to leave his country and his people, that Abraham did just that.  God promised Abraham great blessings in return for great faith.  And the blessings came primarily through protection as Abraham followed God to the promised land.

You may be wondering, “Am I too old to join the journey of a relationship with Christ?”.  Absolutely not, the bible says that Abraham was 75 years old when he obeyed God’s calling.

Will your walk with Christ be without suffering or issues that arise?

Absolutely not!  But now you are no longer alone. You have a CREATOR and A COMMUNITY who can help navigate this thing called life. There are women and men who have walked this path before. Who have also surrendered their life to a LOVING CREATOR where the goals is to love God and each other.  This group of people have first-hand experience and are on the same journey with you. They want what God has for them, the way you do.

So what’s it going to take?  How much longer will you walk this path alone. How much longer will it take for you to accept that YOU ARE LOVED and that OTHERS WANT TO LOVE YOU THE WAY GOD DOES?

That is your purpose; to love and to be loved. Plain and simple!

Comment below if I can help answer any questions that you may have. Let me know if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Share testimonies of your journey – the good as well as the bad.  Let the world know the great power in community.  Someone is waiting to hear your story!

Be blessed today,



The Voice of God

Does God speak? Does He speak to me?  How can I know what God’s voice sound like?

Well, guess what? The bible is God’s voice!

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:16-17.

You just learned that the bible is God’s voice; or the Word of God.  What is the purpose of the bible? Well, according to the scripture that you just read, it has several purposes;

to teach us

What are the things that God wants us to learn? Wow, there are so, so many things to learn about who God is, His character, His heart, the things He likes and the things he dislikes.  The only way to learn these things is to begin to read for yourself. I mean it, for yourself.  Take it out, get a notebook, get a highlighter, set the mood at home, and make it a priority.  Follow this blog and we can study it together!

to rebuke us

What does rebuke mean? In this passage, the idea that the author wants conveyed is to return to the original path.  So for example, when the Prodigal Son left his father and went into the world, he recognized the error of his ways and returned home. How do we know we’ve lost our way? How do we know what the original path should have been like? Again, we must spend time learning what it means to be a follower of Christ and what those characteristics look like. Once we have learned what His will is for us, we can begin to open up to a dear and trusted friend, or maybe a Pastor.  They can help guide us the right way.

to correct us

This is a really tough one and it boils down to LOVE. What does it mean to love someone? What do people who love one another do for one another? When one is steering away, or has gone astray, we go after them. We lovingly pursue them and communicate what it is that is causing them harm.  This includes identifying sin.  Yes, we all hate that word; but nonetheless, it’s there. It exists, even from the beginning with Adam and Eve. It’s crept up and it’s here to stay.  So as followers of Christ, we look to stay as far away as we can from sinful behavior recognizing old habits and starting a healing process with those closest to us.

to trains us in righteousness

What makes one righteous? Well, if you believe that Jesus is Lord, you have been declared righteous before God.  He has already paid the price for your sins, the ones that you have committed and the ones that you will commit after. Does this give you permission to sin? Absolutely NOT!  We begin to learn what God’s will is, we observe His commands, we follow after Jesus when He calls us into ministry. That’s what it means to be trained…You already have the job, now you have to learn to do it and master it.  We love him in such a way that we hunger and thirst for it; His love. How can I stay connected in this righteousness? Well, join a local church, a local men or women’s group, and live this new journey with others who share the same passion for Christ. You will be amazed at how much sweeter it is to live life in the community of believers.

Study with me

You may be wondering; aren’t we supposed to be going through the bible Chronologically? You are 100% correct. We should. However; I felt that it was necessary to lay the ground for the bible as God’s word.

Remember that Radiant ministries connects you to the Word God in such way that you can’t help but to shine His light unto others.

Pray with me

Lord Jesus,

Thank you for being the kind of God who never leaves us. The bible says that when you ascended into heaven that you left us The Comforter – Holy Spirit and we are never alone. Lord Jesus, forgive us the times that we’ve not prioritized your Word. Forgive us the times we doubted what you said is true. Forgive us the times when we discouraged others from pursuing your heart.  Lord Jesus, thank you for speaking everyday, in so many ways, into our lives.  Thank you Jesus for making your plans clear. We love you, and we will stay close to you and radiate your love to others.  In your beautiful name I pray, Amen!

Connect with me

I pray that today you got a glimpse of the wonderful purpose of the bible in our lives. What are some things that you struggle with in regard to reading the bible? Are you the one who was so in love with God but has gone astray? Are the one that has never taken the time to read it? Are you the one searching for the answers?

Let me know how I can pray with you. I’m happy to!

God bless you!

Radiant Ministries

Book of Genesis Summary Part 1/2

Have you ever found a video on YouTube that was a game changer?

Let me introduce to The Bible Project.

Now, I need to say this…I am NOT associated with The Bible Project nor do I work for them. HOWEVER; I am hugely blessed to have stumbled upon their ministry project.

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